Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good petang to you..

Now i know its afternoon there. Some would be at home, some would be with families and some would do sports. Getting ready plan for exercising with friends and some now even as i speak and writing too playing golf with friends. Same old friend. Same good friends.

I slept too early and couldn't close my eyes yet though it is now almost 2am. I would like to say hi to my friends there too who think of me. Sweet. I think of you all too. It has been an interesting week for me so far and i hope yours too. Fullfill it with joy and laughter. I am sure you will not regret to see and feel it while you are around.

life is full of mystery. And sometimes its fun and sometimes its the opposite. I can't just say enjoy it while you get to see whatever comes. I wanted to say enjoy and value it and tressure it in your heart and your life.

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