Tuesday, May 10, 2011


New words new things to learn. Plenty. You woun't miss it if you see it, but you will if you just blinded with yourself. Look around you, its not that bad to have you around. You are you. What you are and think and said, a duplicate of them both. So would you go out and dare you do something to be different?

Hard work for sure. Easy said. Would you? Are you willing to do? All that you ask you. You is you. What do you want you to be? You want to be what one said you must be or you is you. You be who you want to be? Up to you. The answers are all with you. Your wishes will come true once you find yourself and you're true to yourslef.

Peacefulness is what you need in order for your wishes to come true. Pray and wish for peacefulness in your life for you to go out to do what you have to do and to do for what you're for. That you must have before you start your journey.

Believe in yourself. Believe you are not what one said you are. You're better than you think. Its there. Right there. All will be solve once you have that way.. A way.

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