Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ayam Kicap Day today..

I cook ayam kicap today. Hahah.. inda cukup bahan pun, bayangkan while masak segalanya cukup. Product jadi .. of course nyaman kali ah. Haha!! Plan to go mall. But other mall somewhere exit from 75. Yeah.. i will not say where exactly, but yes mall today. To walk and cuci mata to see all colors. Can't shop everyday, karang habis duit. Baru jua seminggu. A long way to go.

Ayam kicap my brother fave dish. I want to make him the sambal penyet later in the month. Need to go and buy the right barang for that. Expecially i miss that Chili Thailand. I would makan papak tu. Nada in all the groceries shop here tapi i am sure we can get it at China Town. Yum.. Yum..

So, what's cooking for you?

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