Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am watching THE ED SHOW on msnbc. Just intersting to know how people think.World. Okay from your advantage point... mmmm... are you infavor?

Haha... i am laughing now. Just something about candidate and he said something about President Obama? Hahah.. and THE ED SHOW said, i am not talkinga about President Obama here, i am talking about the candidate .... and medicare. Hahha... debating all the way. THE ED SHOW said, you said that four times.. alright alright.. i am laughing now. Its amazing how open these people are.

Now PSYCHO TALK again with Donald Trump. mmmmm... Hahah. Amazing and very intersating.

Anyway, something i shared today. I am going to sleep soon once THE ED SHOW end. MMM.. i m not sure what time that would be. Its already 12.30am.
A lot shared. Lots of new words in political world. New words for me. Maybe you're better than me, but to me, its always new. I love learning every new good words in that Political

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