Monday, May 23, 2011


Nya inda jauh from Lovers Lane. From Mongkingbird lane. Bah tia. I can't imagine looking for my mom sasat jalan tadi pagi. Hahah. We went to Love Field Dallas then kan exit 75, not in sight. I wonder jua. And i got the USA phone and she does't, I stop at one of the street on Mongkingbird Lane and thinking jua tu.

Yes thingking .. thinking .. thingking.. Bah tia. I got my Brunei number and she got her Brunei number too. Okay.. But if i call her, her credit will go habis fast kan tu. Then i call jua wanted to know where exactly she was tadi atu. MMMMM.... banar boleh ilang ani bah. Hahah!!!

I told myself, baru ia ilang di Dallas on Forest Lane. I look after her for 45 min jua. Panic ada jua because worried if she go further entah kemana. Hahah.. But yes she did actually from where i last saw her. Buleh???

So next time, when convoy atu, peratian peratian tah. Jangan lalai. And kalau inda nampak, just straight or stop immediately to a safe nearby. Or otherwise ... I myself pun not born in Dallas nor raise in Dallas. So i myself pun an internationl person who drive jua (not bad eh) but still ialah jangan lalai.

When both of you in a different country, got lost, just stay where you are until your friend or you rescue each other. I was worried in every way. I just need the name of the street and i will find. Ada ada saja. Hahah... macam macam.

On Mongkingbird lane, beautiful. Ada tempat shopping nya we passed by tadi atu, just like in Europe. Its UPTOWN in Downtown Dallas. Beautiful place. Nice and compact. Rumah nya hebat-hebat. Nanti hopefully, before i go back, i will try to take pictures. Yes ... lawa.

Walaupun sasat, tapi nyaman mata memandang dengan keindahan that street. Just soothing nyangko. And Stress and tension after looking for 45 to one hours atu pun hilang. Hahahahha!!!! Sejarah banar. Baru ia. Something i must remember my mom got lost dari bekomboi from Mongkingbirdlane all the way to Preston Forest Lane..

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