Saturday, May 21, 2011


Too many products out there to want to make you loose weight. But the only best thing to do is to eat right and do exercise. have a balance diet and a balance (love) life is all you need. To be healthy meant everything. NOT just from your physical look but overall in and out. YEs.

Some look really healthy outside, but inside .. yes so true. So overall in and out. Once that achieved, you will glow. Glow you can't imagine that people surround you felt it too. Yes so true.

So, whatever products are out there to want you to loose weight etc, be very careful. Look up the ingredients too. Suitable or not with you. I am sharing this because here i saw a lot! A lot means its hard to choose really. You want this, you want that. But yet you know all you need to do is a balance diet, and a balance life and you get what you want. That's all.

But if you really want to try some of the products, yes its okay. Why not. Probably you really need it bad, so you need to exercise bad too. It also includes the exercising plan and eating plan. If you can live up to that, you are okay. But if you think twice for that, then forget it.

Just exercise and eat balance diet and have a balance life.. no problem. You will be on the way to have a healthy lifestyle.

psst... reason why i share this, i was at the pharmacy and saw this one product. Its say flat tummy and loose weight too. MMM ... Flat tummy, well i said i can do crunches. But need to do than to just keep on saying it.

So.. flat tummy but the supplement atu says it will help reduce stress, give you mood etc.. I am not stress and i am okay with my mood. I only want to have that falt tummy bit. Then when nya bring you mood etc... mmmm i think twice. I dont need that. Lain pulang karang ceritanya. Haha.. So to you, up to you. Its your body. My boday says no lah to that.

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