Friday, May 6, 2011


Bukan jua. I thought bahapa ia laki-laki ani. Memilih-milih magazine kan lama dalam toilet. Bukan apa kan komen dikit, dalam toilet in the plane??? YOu got to be kidding me. Biar tia tabiat atu tinggal di land saja, not on-air jua??? Hahah...

Memilih-milih i think about 3 to 4 magazines, and in the toilet for a long time. Its public toilet eh. Kan ketawa jua oleh nya, because a lot of people queing. Few toilets yes true, but when someone standing queing, bah.. i just smile and close my eyes. Just reminds me of home. Belari bah if sama-sama tebangun just to go toilet. Otherwise .. you know what i mean.

I don't spend more than 5 mins in the toilet, but there are people who can spend hours in the toilet. YOu ask yourself lah who?

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