Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(Pic UP) notice that horse statue depan rumah?
Beautiful house. Beautiful ..

Oh me.. on that 18th century ... i let you tell me what that is..

this flower, i just got to snap it. Look at the color
Oh.. NICE.

entah siapa punya horse. Eh pony kah?
Came up to me.. surprise surprise.
And jump about .. showing off ani bah..
sweet. So cute.
But.. still i don't think i will ride. Nop.. nah..
Ada pasal nya tu. Yes.. cerita dulu, i was on a horse,
at the beach, and melompat ia.. oh.. apalagi..
the rest i let you imagine what happen to me..

Stop at this park. So sunyi.
But this is where i was .. hahah.
That far from town.
Yes.. Yes sir.

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