Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just today, woke up early. Didn't shower and grocery shopping. Cooked Chicken curry, wah.. smell all lah. Hahah!! Hair smell curry, baju all smell curry. I smell all curry. Its okay.. i got plenty of shirts dalam lugguage atu. No worries. Curry curyy lah!

Tapau some for my brother. Drove about 20 min to send his lunch. Stop at the Mall. At Macy's i think i spend roughly 3 hours just at the ladies' department. Just cuci mata. Nice and on sale too. Saw this ring, silver and i forgot the brand, but that was US$100. Baik jua i stopped and check the price before i bring to the counter tadi. Kalau inda melayang US$100 on that small cincin. It remind me of my silver cicin i bought in Bali, but its missing. I just don't kemana hilangnya. Don't want to say kena curi, because i woun't know who. I pass. But i bought my silver in Bali tempat nya buat all jeweleries. So one of my FAVE. Lost it.. what to do. But i will not spend US$100 on that ring just now.

At the mall, rush to Apple Store. At BestBuy the Super Drive for IMac cost US$99.00 not including tax yet. But at Apples Store was only US$79.00 without tax and US$85.52 including tax. Imagine? ... But iPad2 WiFi 3G AT&T 16GB was only about US$629 not including tax yet and the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kite is only US$29.00 not including tax. But all and all with tax i think its only about US$713.00.

If you going to USA and you want to get the iPad2, get the one with AT&T. You can use it in our country too. Just remove the sim and use our own sim. But if you the plans like Verizon etc, no sim card and only can be use here saja. So lots of questions jua before you buy.

Oh you want to know the iTouch 4th generations, its only US$204.00 not with tax yes. Great accesorries here too. How about that? Mother's day, my brother and i put money together to get mom one iTouch for mother's day. What did you get for you mother? Al-Fatihah for your mother if you don't have one. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah. Amin.

Anyway, after that, drop by to give the Super Drive and went to jewelery store. I found at the PENDORA section. Wowo!!! expansive lumayan jua. I have my eye on something too. Hahha!! Just had my eye on it too.

I drove all day today. I drove like a PRO. Suprised i can still remerember the route to go where ever. Wednesday we all be going DownTown Dallas. I am going to take picture. And lunch with family. And then evening i will be watching my brother play ice-skate. This is going to be interesting.

So far, this trip been interesting. Loud voice, big size food, and everything just soooo... no say lah. No comment. I am enjoying everything and appreciating the moment i have now spending time with my brother and mom. Oh the tips? MMMm
.... yes that counts too.

oH I JUST so fall inlove with DODGE REM TRUCK here. Basar and padat!!!!!! Nice to drive usulnya, ganas eh. Hahah..

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