Thursday, May 5, 2011


Kalau lama inda belayar, bah jangan lupa barang baju yang dapat membuatkan you warm in the plane. Expecially when you plan to fly for long hours and long time too. Nasib baik i remember the sandals and extra tshirt. Haha.. ada cerita nya tu.

I only have 4 min remaining to use this computer and free internet at the airport. Will update again when i got a chance at Narita. For now about to board soon. Very interesting here at the airport. Kajut ku meliat, but biasa lah. Ada lah dos and donts when travelling. Hahah!!

I am wearing a tshirt yang i beli in 2007 and now i just realized in the toilet tadi, bubus sana bubus sini. Hahah... bari kesian. Inda apa bah, asal bank inda kosong!!!

Got to go now. xoxo will miss you. This will take 17 hours. but yes again will update once landed.

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