Saturday, January 1, 2011


Slept until 9am. Half slept until 12pm. Helew... baik. Mangasoh mata. Baru ia. Went to Serasa.Families picnics.. pakai merah lagi. The chosen color to start 2011. Hot tu eh. Haha.. Went home another nap. Oh makan.. yes makan at restaurant next to the Yatch Club Serasa. Nice.. got jamming but not jamming jua kali tadi atu. Just doing the practise jamming kali. Yup.. but nice. That guy knows what he's doing with that keyboard. Very good.

Home nap for 20 minutes. Now joining families and children at the pool in one of the house. Calm.. yes now weather calm. Sun down.. i wonder raining kah petang ani? Well.. can't give you the answer to that. You see.. today is today, still a mystery, apa lagi tomorrow. You can planbut not sure it will go your way. Sometimes ya it will most of the time, nop. You got to struggle lah, but at the end if you can take it, yes you survive for the day.

Me? updating my bolg. M looking out and thinking. What today and tommorow going to be like. But hey.. i hope things goes well, we all dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah.

I am going to watch BLACK SWAN dulu..

Psst.. i watched the AFC Jamie buat tomatoo salad. Wah simple and delicious eh. Red tomatoo, slice, parsley, cherry vinegar, sprinkle of salt and sea salt ... and i forgot the one item atu. Slice and add to the tomato jua. Nice..

If you got chicken kah, or red meat kah pusu kah or whateve lah, deep fry it with olive oil sekajap, then add the cherry vineger and then pour into the tomatoo. Jangan semua.. some of the oil yang labih atu you can keep in a jam jar and use it when you plan to deep fry meat. Add it and you will taste the unbelivable taste... Heheh.. Just a bit to share.

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