Monday, January 3, 2011

School starts today..

Oh yes. Back to usual. January .. school opens. Parents sending to school in the morning for the morning school. Some drive like they own the street, the road. When i send my son to school, this car infront of me drives really slow. I asked myself tadi, why people tend to drive too slow or sometime too fast and not following the speed limits there is? You know lah.. like that i like to ask kan. Then i think again, oh sama jua when you want people to stop smoking, they will not stop but on purpose smoke lagi infront of you. Or when you are not allowed to smoke in public area, ada jua yang gagah atu smoke kan. So .... you figure it out lah what type of people they are and i are and you are.. aiseh. Ada lyric lagu tu.

Looks mendong jua but sunny jua. A combination of both making you unsure to wash clothes or not. Oh.. did i tell you i watched the Black Swan? You know what? Hiya.. bari ijap jua kan capai cita cita to be the perfect Black Swan atu.. deep meaning. Scarry if you really menghayati nya. Gila banar. She would kill to be the Queen Swan atu. OMG.. ada jua tu di opis-opis kitani, yang gila kan pangkat. Not giving chances to people walaupun they know they don't have a chance jua. Tapi Black Swan ani, she got the part and will not let go. In opis-opis, got a small pangkat, but want to die with you down with you if had too as long as you don't go beyond. Sebab too got black magic. Sihir just untuk pangkat. Mun 200% go to heaven doing that, siapa pun inda mau. But HELL ... thank you. Yang inda puas hati buat lah black magis labu labu kan parut orang sampai mati. OMG sampai like that. Puas tah hati tu.. OMG sama mati bunuh diri .. so murtad already. Garenti .. you know lah.

When you do all that, inda tia challenging. You know you will will forever tia. And that's no fun. What to live for when there's no fun and challange? Coba tah you think about it. Ada yang kana labu parut, ada yang survive tapi ada jua yang mati. Yang mati bersedih lah keluarga but yang membuat nya sampai like that ke mati, ketawa kali. Tapi ingat, diri bakal mati jua. Tapi inda lah seindah mati yang di buat nya pada seseorang atu. Mungkin di beri rasa rasa yang dashyat or tarus di beri mati and dalam kubus saja seksa nya. Inda mata tani nampak, tapi we sort of know ya. But is that what you want? Ask yourself lah.

If you do that to people, make sure you don't have families. What if your own daughter or your own son or some you love so dearly di buat like that? You belum tau sebab you belum rasa. So think think think many many many ...hahah .. pikir puas puas lah sebelum bertindak. Back to the Black Swan, she thought she kill... but deep in her she will kill no matter what.. as long as puas. But at the end.. Wow!!

Breakfast sudah? I am going to fish market later to buy prawn. I want to make prawn rebus, buy vegetables and fruits. I thought of fasting today, but inda tah jua jadi. Maybe Thursday i fast. I want to start fasting every Monday and Thursday. Bayar fast yang belum di bayar. And then the rest be a normal day. How about YOU?

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