Thursday, June 21, 2007

6 People You Should Never Hire - WORK 78/79 Men's Health June 07

How to spot them during the interview:-
1. The Loafer - A bit late and blames the traffic, has too many jobs on the resume, and says a lot of negative stuff about his former employers.
2. The Weasel - Smiles way too much. The handshakes will either be too hard, too soft, too long, too short, or just plain limp and wired.
3. The Bridgegroom - Way too animated for somebody who's just applying for a job. Knows too much about you as well.
4. The Psycho Killer - Just look at how the mouth is set. Its hard and fixed. The eyes are vague and squishy, until you mention them former employer. Sitting leaning back, totally centered, like a snake ready to strike.
5. The Replicant - Cold and capable. No heart and no family. No dog, no cat, no pet fish. Has no empathy. Only MBA.
6. The Future CEO - Just counts the number of times when says "I"..... (Note:There's no "I" in a) team.
Ops... very interesting.

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