Thursday, June 21, 2007


The alarm rang. Didnt exactly bangun immediately. Lena lagi and guess what deep sleep kali ah. And i woke up singing chorus with lagu ekspresi... and melompat ani tarus from my bed. Oh this is crazy... Off to work. And guess what.. beautiful gloomy morning and reach the studio. I use the back entrance and Lydia use the front entrance, and we meet lah at our entrance to the studio. And guess what, Dj Emma mengajutzkan kami...boaha.a.a.a.a. He.he.. kazut kami toh. First time loh we met Dj Emma kalau she work for Rampai Pagi. Maybe she woke up early today. So she plan to visit us. Or maybe to ceriakan us pagi-pagi ani.. kan..kan... She looks fresh. Wish i can look that fresh too. Anyway, Lydia and myself again working on HBD from 6am to 10am. Wah.. at 7am we have a news break, went to cafeteria tapi TUTUP. Sedih.. balik ke studio. No mamam. Oh well, get it? Pst....

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