Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ANGER MISMANAGEMENT -Men's Health (Malaysia) June07

Read this:
A new study in Psychosomatic Medicine found that holding in anger can lead to lower-back pain. Now here it is, scientists attached electrodes along the spines of 94 people with chronic back pain and then asked them to recall an upsetting event. Those who had bottled up their anger had 30 percent more tension in their lumbar regions, compared with basline levels. "Anger provokes a fight-or-flight response, which includes preparing large muscle groups for actions", says lead author John Burns, Ph.D. So when someone raised your ire, dont stew, get it off your chest, and your back will thank you..

Just want to share this with you. Interesting ya. So take care and let us look after our health for the better.


Juan Pablo said...

I must admit I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm pleased that a woman writes about men's health. I guess men are not naturally cares so much about their health.
I have been reading this magazine for more than a decade.. I really enjoy the UK edition best.
Thanks for sharing this post and I hope more men will take good care of their health.. as you say.. its an investment..
What made me serious in fitness and health.. was seeing the pic of my late grand father.. a fireman.. so fit.. even when he was 50 years old.. he looked mid 30s.. That really inspired me!! BTW. I have linked u :}

zura said...

Oh here it is. I am still new with blogging. Yes Juan Pablo, i do find the magazine very interesting. Do they have the US edition? It has many information and it is very useful. Ia anyone want to find out anything on health, the magazine have it all. Oh thank you for the link. I am still learning on how to put the link on my blog. Thank you for visiting my site too. My late father was a chain smoker and that sets an example for me to avoid smoking. He was only 55 when he leaves us all. I'am glad to hear your grandfather at 50 looked like in his mid 30's. That is superb. Anyway thanks again.