Sunday, June 24, 2007

Singapore Trip "School Twinning Programme" - Bon Voyage.. safe trip and see y'all soon

Wow. My alarm didnt ring. I got off work at 3am this morning and set the alarm early at 5am and unfortunately didnt hear it ring. Woke up my luqman and told him as usual to shower, brush his teeth and to blow his nose. He looked very excited and couldn't wait to fly off to Singapore. Lucikily i've already prepared his baju, jeans, socks and all last nyte before i go to work. He took banana for breakfast and a glass of water today. Went to the airport on time. But we have to wait for the other two students to take the full pictures. And thank you Luqman's stepmommy came with luq's two sisters. You must be Surprised!!! Yes, i am in good terms with my 'X' hubby (Luqman's father) and his stepmother. She is a nice and good woman too. She looks after Luqman like her own. Luq's little sister is Fatima. Look at her... so cute... like luqman too. That's us begambar di bawah. We all sedih happy for Luqman. Tears betitik-tikitkan and luckily i have tissues handy too. Oh well.... girls....
Now he is on his way to Singapore. I am sitting at Coffee Bean Bandar just to upload the pictures of this morning. I have to plan and make use of my time here to do something useful apart from working. May be going to the gym, go to tasek, go watch movie (that if i havent miss any movie yet), go fish market perhaps, or out and about taking pictures. Good Sunday today and beautiful day today. Ramai orang di Coffee Bean bandar ani. Very interesting hah. Well i got to go to Studio A soon. Something is on at 1pm. Will share more pictures soon. Just have a look at these ones..... By the way, did anyone go for the Walkaton Amal today at the Stadium? (just wondering...kalau ada share the story ya.. i like those kind of activities. Missed it. Have to send my baby to the airport too :))

Us taking family picture. Sayang the Father is in Kuala Lumpur. From right: Luqman's Stepmother (Suriati), Luqman, Me, and Luqman's sisters. Umairah & Fatima.

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