Wednesday, September 10, 2008


    How often do you set limits on the commitments you make?

    1) i never set limits; i always take on more than i can possible do.

    2) i try to set limits, but i am not very effective. i always have more than i can possibly do.

    3) i will set limits and usually get most things accomplished, but when given a choice i will do things for others at my own expense

    4) i will set limits and get most things done, but i would like more time for myself.

    5) i have a healthy balance between commitments to others and to myself.

    How often do you feel overwhelmed?

    1) constantly - 24 ours a day seven days a week

    2) i nearly always feel overwhelmed - about 80 percent of the time.

    3) i usually feel overwhelmed - about 50 percent of the time.

    4) i occasionally feel overwhelmed - aobut 20 percent of the time.

    5) i rarely feel overwhelmed - about 5 percent of the time.

    How much contro do you feel you have over your life?

    1) i never feel i have control over what happens to me.

    2) i rarely feel i have control over what happens to me.

    3) i sometimes feel i have control over what happens to me.

    4) i usually feel i have control over what happens to me.

    5) i always feel i have control over what happens to me.

    How much do you feel things are out of control?

    1) severral times a day

    2) at least once a day

    3) at least once a week

    4) at least once a month

    5) i never feel out of control

      How often do you actively try to reduce stress in your life?

1) i never try to reduce stress; i can't do anything about it

2) i try to reduce stress but in unhealthy ways (ie.drinking alcohol)

3) i occasionally reduce stress through healthy solutions.

4) i usuallly reduce stress through healthy solutions.

5) i am very active at reducing stress through healthy solutions.

How often do you take a long, relaxing bath?

1) almost never

2) once every three months

3) monthly

4) weekly

5) daily

How often do you read purely for enjoyment?

1) almost never

2) occasionally - once a month

3) once a week

4) 15 to 30 minutes a day

5) 30 minutes to 60 minutes or more a day

How often do you worry about your financial status?

1) i worry about finances all the time; i'm always behind with paying my bills.

2) i worry all the time; some bills are overdue

3) i usually worry about finances but all bills are paid

4) i occasionally worry about finances but all bills are paid.

5)i never worry - i feel confident about my financial status.

How easily are you able to ask others for help?

1) i would never burden others with my problems or needs.

2) i rarely ask others for hlep.

3) i occasionally feel i should be able to handle things myslef.

4) i will ask others for help as a last resort, understanding that i can't do everything.

5) i have problem asking others for help when needed

How much responsibility do you have for the maintenance of your home environment?

1) 100 percent

2) 75 percent

3) 50 percent

4) 25 percent

5) 10 percent


TOTAL SCORE ................................

If you scored 41 - 50 points:
You're doing an excellent job. You have a good understanding of which stress reductions techniques work for you.

If you scored 31 - 40 points:

You're doing well and know that reducing stress is important. You would probably feel better if you placed more emphasis on making better choices.

If you scored 21 - 30 points:

You're probably not placig much emphasis on taming stress and could be putting your health at significant risk.

If you scored 10 - 20 points:

You're putting little effort toward stress reduction, and ou may be severely challenging your body's ability to respond. Consider this a wake-up call.

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