Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I went ke airport to bayar my DST Bills .. so the new cafe next to it atu looks good... Cakes yummy! puasa lagi. So i make the bookings and bersungkai lah there. comment sikit.. em the makanan yang di serve atu inda sama like in the picture. And rasanya can do better. I been to a few cafe yang sama not in Brunei, and i tell you they serve the food with quality jua. Not nada quality, but i just feel as a customer it can be better.
I was dissapointed a bit not because of the food, but one of the waitress cakap dirty. I hear it as .. she said masa menghantar piring ke kotak kecil to dapor atu, she was laughing and she said something like 'taie'.. well she was joking kali with her collegue but when customer overheard that, sound foul lah. Not good. Rupanya lawa, sweet looking, but em.. i guess she was over excited kemarin atu. When you joke like that, make sure when u are not working and especially when you work in a restaurant bahaya kalau customer hear it. She is foreign. So atu lagi sedih. May be in language nya its okay jadi pebaibunan word atu but in our malay language bida bunyi nya.
Oh well... i love this cafe because it serves simple food and like apa yang ada in the menu. So ... All and all the supervisors working kemarin atu..well yang pakai blue were very nice and friendly and helpful. And also the waitress but lack kurang point with that kind of attitude saja.. becareful when you talk, joke or serve people.. ps. i cannot take that kind of joke. not sweet lah.. he.he..h.. Thank you..

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