Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I really don't know what or how to describe this feeling. I am sad and down. In a way i am okay.. Do you get it? I don't know what i am feeling now.. Angry? not angry. Mad? not mad. Upset? well... just all a mixed feelings. I don't understand if someone can be so negative as early as this morning... I really don't understand. Piss off? not piss off.. but just .. i don't know what..

Do you like someone to check your phone? Do you like that someone to censor your calls? Or perhaps, who can call in and who can't. If someone says.. i don't know your style... what do you do? What would you say to that person if he/she don't understand your style??

Gosh.. i have a mixed feelings and very disturbing. Very disturbing... Would you like your he/she .... oh nevermind. I wrote half way but then malas ku. Now i just want to ask you? What do you look for pada pasangan hidup you? If you can't find what you want, would you stay?

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