Monday, January 7, 2008


I was in Pantai Serasa yesterday, wah.. ramai orang. Boleh tahan. Nice bila ramai orang ke pantai. Meriah bah usul nya, biar the weather panas but people just loving the time spent with families, friends... couples apa lagi 'hang' bah becuddle cuddle. I know non of my business ah, but got families with children yang probably bout the couple's age tapi be cuddle cuddle like nadai orang di sebelahan. Ha.ha.a.. i think that's why some parents are skeptical jua to let their children, especially the girls to go out freely with friends. Takut takut terjadi someting like that. We never know. But ya lah... some look malay bah, and sometimes memberi malu jua rasa nya. Maybe the couple inda realize kali, but seriously, when you look at them, very young. Maybe keraja kah inda jua tu or masih bersekolah...... ish..ish...

While enjoying the view rah pantai, ada yang sailing, ada yang jetskiing and ada yang mandi manda, ada yang macam macam lah kan di liat, i saw this kulit durian and kulit kelapa. Dried nyamo, and when i saw it, biasa lah, ada ada saja kan i buat toh. I took the pictures and edited tadi after lunch. I thought it looks nice. I just want to share it with you. Sekali sekala, kalau nada hoby, think of one. Promise it fill your time tu. I didn't bring my book yesterday, so i took pictures. Pelik jua sometimes bila orang liat liat when you take gambar atu. Dalam mind nya "bahapa kan anak ani...". Get it.

If you like taking pictures, nda tah payah kan menunggu kamera yang mahal mahal. Simple ja. Take it with your phone. Kan changih changih masa ani. Why Not! Ok so jangan lupa tu, kalau kehabisan hoby jua, want to try a new one, try "photographing".. syok inda terhingga. Your own View Point from your own Angle. YOu will grow to love it!!

So bila i edit gambars ani, i teringat lah jua. You know lah... kulit like this di lupa, walhal this can be use for something if you are very creative. Its a beautiful piece. Imagine kalau manusia, bila dah tua, ada yang tani liat inda berpeduli. Do you know, Warga Emas got so many information and pengalaman yang mahal inda ada price to tell and share with you about life. About whatever you want to know maybe perhaps 100 years ago. That is the priceless pengalaman and ilmu through setiap human being if you just inda peduli. From my view, my view lah ah... you i don't know, but from mine, dari apa pekerjaan you can ask anything if you want to. Say contoh lah ah. you suka menulis skrip drama, then get it from people like this. Get all different information from all different people, then combine be creative and walah... you will produce a good stories in the episods of people's life.

I know we don't live in the same zaman lah, but you be amazed what you can get and produce from that. Ha.ha.a.a..a Crap ka the way i think? Well...... banyak lagi in my mind. Yah i know we don't think same same. I guess its either you think of zaman dulu, zaman sekarang or zaman akan datang...... Me? I am all in. Ha.aha.aa.. I am laughing now. Berabiz lagi tu. What to do.. Kan cakap myself "Gila" well, gila gila sendiri, its ok. Tapi jangan jadi Gila sudah.

I just love what i am doing now, although sederhana, but at least i am happy. Its ok. "Don't Worry Be Happy".

Kulit Durian

Kulit Kelapa

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