Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tonight - Segmen Jatuh Cinta

Well, still thinking of the topic. I was thinking,.... em.. How to putik kembali cinta yang telah luntur? Well, sort of want to start all over again. Like only now baru you terasa, that you wanted to change for the better, like you want it to be the first time you inlove with the same person. Like dulu not that close, now you want to make it up and want to work it out for the better. So sort of you know cinta atu luntur and about to fade away, but you realize suddenly you want to build it up again. How are you going to start again. The foundation is there, still ok.... but you want to make it stronger?? I gues forgive and forget mesti ada as the inti tu to make it happen. Kan?

Oh well, lets do that tonight. Since SEGMEN LOVE, i want to make it sweet and memoir...

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