Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yeah ... some shots of me with my cakes.. Ada ceta nya toh.

Zura.. Yes that's me.. Alahai.. ura ura lak tak prasaan. So ada cerota toh pasal my cake atu. Different people bought it at the same place but different time kemarin. Well on the 28.01.2008. Mau cerita nya??
Okay lah. Just a bit saja eh. Just jadi kenangan. I was laughing the cake same tapi different size saja. The one yang small and round atu from my mother and family. And the other one a gift from my close friend. And ia tah sama flavor nya and both beli different time but at the same place. Ha.ha..a i told them i thought my cakes ani yang specially made punya, kena patan tia he.he.. rupanya yang ready made... Cali eh. But yang cali nya same CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE ani bah. But yeah.. that's the story.

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