Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am so happy today. Just so happy i dont know why. I guess something pissed me off but i am happy. No worries.... Not because of anything, just pissed of time when i was such a fool... well foolish. But i am ok. I see it better now.

At work today at Rentak 2-6 and Faiz Artist Of The Month was in the conti with me at 4pm. Well, been busy since 2 pm till the end eh. Amazing i talk a lot today. Wah.. bila happy toh. Today, i woke up late sikit coz' i keja semalam until 12am. Just being lazy today, but i guess enuf rest jua that make me happy.

Now at FUN BREAD in Gadong makan Steak. Very nice. I like em.. homemade rasanya. Lah.. i was so busy tadi until i didnt get Faiz pic dalam conti. Rugi eh... What was i thinking??? I ate curry chicken rice today at Yayasan. Very nice jua. Semua very nice. Ada lah moment not nice, but more of nice moment tadi atu. So all cover up semua.

What a day... Have fun.

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