Sunday, January 6, 2008


Now, nobody wants to have the title "Janda" or "Duda" but kalau sudah di takdirkan, what can you do? What's wrong with Janda or Duda? Please explain to me if someone know. I am doing my segmen Stress now at 1.30am, and this one caller said that she was not ready to get married walaupun the boyfriend wants to settle down. I am ok, if she is not ready, but i don't agree with her last word. "I am not ready to be Janda Muda".. Wow..

What do you think? Yang pernah kawin I am sure you know how to answer that, but yang belum pernah kawin, how? Its not that bila kawin, bah.. jadi janda tah ku nie, or jadi duda tah ku ni. When you plan to get married, you are sure your soul mate atu would be with your for the rest of your life till death do you part. Some still yet don't understand kali the purpose of being married. Well.....

Being single is one thing. Being married is one thing. Being Janda or Duda is one thing. All different. When you get there, then you know what i mean. I have been single, been married, and now a Janda. I am not proud being Janda, but that is my status now. And being Janda is not bad. Its just a title after cerai. It could be anything for all you know.

Never never say something like that. And if you are single, never been married, don't look at Janda or Duda as a bad thing. We are people, we are people who survived and are ready to build a new life with someone worthy. "LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATE. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU GET". But live with full richness of good heart and you will survive. Tetapi kalau sudah kehendak Allah untuk you menjadi Janda or Duda, may be ada hikmah nya jua. Terima lah dengan reda dan berdoa memohon kasih sayang dari Allah agar menjalani hidup yang sempurna dalam mejaga diri dan mejaga zuriat zuriat yang di kurniakan.


Anonymous said...

Hai Zura, at the age of 28 i became janda, no, am not proud of the title but have 2 accept it no matter what happen kn as long as i'm on the right path... after he re-married he regret everything, but its too late kn.. but the worst part is his wife called me janda if sakit hati at me n my daughter..

Raine said...

Hi der, quite a shock when a young lady (the caller i mean) cud say smthg lyk dat....dlm zaman macamani...smua org mmg bfikiran jauh dan lebh such statement might put u on place that u didnt xpect to be... *pity on that girl - wish her the best*

whoever janda is human as goes on...cheerz!

Anonymous said...

hai sis,i have to agree with what you said.i married when i was 21. my married just stay for 1 year and half.thank god, i dun have a kid. well i am now 23, i dont feel life is hard for me anyway..janda titled yeah?what is big better than go on life with someone who engage with adulterous,disloyal and not responsible.i will also risk my life..the possiblty to get Aids or HIv is grateful for what i been thru, presently, my life is really blessful and happiness.Mungkin itu hanya ujian daripada Allah s.wt.fate never stop meddling in our life..that what make us better than yesterday.insyallah jodoh, ajal dan maut semua di tangan Allah s.wt
bukan di tgn manusia.