Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heart Tingles

My heart tingles. Smile beb... Smile...I like it. I wish everyday lah.. So m tuning to Izan now at Pilihan FM. Very cheerful indeed. She feel good she said. The jap works!!! Ha.ha... I guess she had food poisoning. Great Well BEB. I am at CZ in gadong now. This is nice, mood descending, ask what can you do? Tune in and hear someone cheerful!!!!!! Get it!! i love this song now she's playing... get down.. for my people.. come on..come on... get on down.. Yes!!! i want to dance with you.... THIS IS FOR MY PEOPLE... OH MY PARTY PEOPLE....

Dah lah tu. Rugi loh kalau you not tuning on this minute. I love music. Its a major part in my life. The beat, the sound, the lyric, and everything about it. DID I HEAR WHATEVER TURN YOU ON????? Whose that man GAL?? please tell me him.. Ha..ha...ha.... Yes tell him.. learn his priorities... ha.ha... you makes me laugh.

So anyway, good way to start my Sunday. Unbelievable. Just sitting alone doesn't mean you are lonely. YOu can cheer yourself up with the will you have for yourself to be CHEERFUL!! Giler eh. M smiling now, writing my blog ani wah... and m dancing here too... but you know lah, the sitting style dancing. Just moving my body, and i feel like jumping. But takut ku orang sini kebeliangan... ha.ha.a.a.

Oh my heart tingles. Loving em... don't you just like it too??? Have a Super Sunday YOU!! And cheer up lah ya... andang nya tu ada problem, but only a problem saja. Nothing serious. And if serious, then its just to pump up your thinking and keep your heart moving.

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