Monday, March 29, 2010

:) Love Drug You

Haha.. i smile. Talking about how powerful people who can talk about one thing everybody follow. Yeah.. Same like LOVe. So true. I smile.

Love drug the nations. And are you? Well.. when you're inlove, you got so addicted to it. Though you didn't say about it, but it sure drug you. Lalok with love. Who to live without Love. Don't know you, Love could be loving whatever you wish to Love.

A pinch of love, like a pinch of salt, like a pinch of sugar and a pinch of your emotional feeling would make a difference in your life. Changing without you realizing it but you know so because you know who you are and i know so because i know who i am.

I am at home, and doing research on how listener would want to hear whats onair. Just something useful for the people. Maybe about Health, about LIFe, about LOve. All related to a healthy balance life. How many achieve it? Simple but hard to reach that goal.

When you are inLOve, macam-macam ada. The chemistry you know you got it. If you don't how would it work. Learn chemistry and physic. Haha.. how life works? All banyak eh all very useful. No chemistry, you try no matter what pun woun't happen. Rare very rare only it happen if one sanggup to tolerate all the time. (I sometimes write whats out from my mind, and sometimes betul kah or salah kah?) but you the reader, what do you think?

I sat and wondering, tiga kelompok. Let say kelompok satu at the early stage of Love, baru kan kenal Love.. baru kan becinta.. and that would be at a tender age of 18 to 21. And then come to mid of 20s and to 30s. Then to end 30s and 40s. then above that.. Just so perfect tiga kelompok in one room.. and you got to see putarannya. You may not know what i am taliking about, but the reason i write this so i woun't forget. Haha..

Em.. the first time meeting, first time experiencing was the best. After that surviving. haha. I am naive at time, but i am not dumb. Its just as time lalu, you tend to just go along with it. But yea.. Learning everyday. Love with chemistry is so heaven feeling.. but no chemistry so gantong-gantong. Haha.

Sometimes i get nervous when i see an open door, close my eyes.. Always looking for the answers.. And what would your Love be? You got addicted to it? Why? What to addict about? Feel good when you are inLove or out of LVOe?

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