Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seminar On Healthy Living

At Pusat Promosi Kesihatan, first time untuk Penyiar and Penerbit. I must say very-very interesting and its about time. I find it interesting because i like to know more on that. Haha.. Hiburan probably my collegue. Inda payah jadi doctor, tapi jadi penyampai maklumat pun cukup. Kalau jadi doctor or nurses, bari ijap tu. Siap dengan darah, dengan injection and banyak lagi. Inda sanggup kan di lalui. Cukup information okay. Good for pendengar radio to know jua about health.

Banyak kan di kongsikan when we got the right bahan for kesihatan. Apart from that jua, selain kena beri maklumat about kesihatan, we also boleh browsing the internet to find more. Lepas tu, kalau inda sure, make sure you ask the health people about what you want to know know. It help. Masa saja inda cukup. Kalau seminar the whole day would be ngam tia. All the info and booklet and posters and leaflet okay sudah. Ganya berabut menguyung masa.. Haha. Overall very interesting and I LIKE IT.

You can bring your children to Pusat Promosi Kesihatan and visit the Galleria on Health. I tell you, you tell me if you inda change after that... haha! True. Kalau inda percaya, go visit. Take your children. I heard Galleria open on Sunday too. So good time to go and bring your families and children. Open at 9am to 5pm. Lepas kenduri, beramai-ramai tah ke sana. See what you need to know about Good health and Bad one. And games also got. Check out if you can pilih makanan yang baik and yang inda for you.. That one is intersting. Ada bunyi-bunyian toh. And very colorful. Lots more eh.

You don't have to go if you know already, but bring families and friends if they don't know. Inda you rugi. Malah you're doing something good and you got pahala for that too, i am sure. Oh.. and i like the fetus part. The pregnancy from the 1st month to the 9th month. Cute the twins jua. Apa yang i said ani, well you got to go to find out.

Ada yang tempat menenangkan jua. And well.. well.. maybe you want to create that part in your home.. WHY NOT?? and with sooth music, i tell you.. tenang from STRESS tu. And yes, must have di rumah. What is it? Go there to see for yourself. The bamboo creation ya. :)

About diseases. About good health. And about cleanliness and banyak lagi ler. Lots you need to know. Jangan worry inda boring tu. Kalau you inda minat, then you better start minat if you want a healthy living.

All the best to you!!

Ps. for those of you kan start exercising, start slow and gradually you'll reach there to the time you wanted or been wanting to achieve as time goes. Jangan paksa overdoing it, karang lain cerita pula, tapi jangan biar kemalasan melanda minda not to do exercise at all.. So You and your semangat to do exercise 45 min a day. Pebaik mula dengan jalan kaki.

Something i would like to share jua, i got it from the seminar tadi, very useful jua.. try this:-

jalan perlahan burns 100 calories
jalan sederhana burns 180 calories
jalan LAJU burns 300 calories.

And eat a balanced diet to be healthy.
EXERCISE for 45 min a day!!

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