Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This yang buat me ketawa. TAim marah and perasaan berkecamok tadi pagi, i put this in my FB. So liat yang reply nya.. haha!!

Dari me (FB)- ' i didn't stop you from doing whatever you want. I always gives you times and space. But it got filled up with all these mess. And giving space i thought would help, but it gives a chance and allow others to mess up this.. entah eh!!!!'

Abgwira Sygabglai
bohs lenx Zura...napa ia tue ..heehe he he last last ato bah ku soka ..entah eh !! heeh he he btw salamz selamat pagi lenx..
6 hours ago ·

imagine you.. membaca taim you like hilang perasaan. Ketawa jua tu. Inda jua mau ilang mood. Haha..

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