Monday, March 29, 2010


Listening to that song now.. Quitet night. Bulan out and terang outside. Amazing.
So this song.. Tanpa Mu.. ku tanya my heart, ya kan? Is it really true kalau Tanpa Mu... lalala.. Oh well.. It all depends. I heard another song Derita Merindu.. I more like that one jua. Better ku Derita Merindu daripada .... Just listen to it. I like the lyrics. I used to like the lyrics from a song but now i realize lyrics and irama plays important role in song. Hehe..

More on the song list to add. Many good songs you like, well..Enjoy it. Its gives you kepelbagaian dalam memories and it's siok berabiz. The moment of everything roll in your lives are different with the songs you hear or heard. Haha.

I am in a jolly good mood. Tapi migrain eh. Lambat makan. Bad attitude to skip meals. But when its late, its even worst.


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