Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ikut MOOD!!

BORING EH!! Baru ia. Ikut mood.. boring eh. Why????? Next time jangan tah di pikir about planning to do something with someone. Think of what's your own plans. That's just spoiled it. Boring jua banar.

Sometimes.. (talking from experience), wating too long pun boring. And just as you plan to do something together, well... bad NEWS!! Nada mood tia. So there's goes your plan in the trash. Oh well...just spoiled it berabiz.

So, when you plan, buat lah plan sendiri. Inda jua frustated. Trying already to make it fun, though mengalih with other things, then.. nada yang kan cheer up. Oh well.. Oh well.. Girls always terasa like this. Just tune in saja with the segmen panas-panas, haha. No wonder. Ya lah, atu yang inda kena balas sms or misscall nya. And bla..bla..bla... banyak lagi.

So, next time, jangan tah bother.. mun kan siok sendiri, kalau you can do, i also can do bah. So best do own things, hasil ada. Or make plans with one or two girlfriends to fill up time. Don't be wasted. I am wasted enough. And i wasted enough.. haha.

Cheer up me!! There's always tomorrow. Hey love this song - LIVE LIKE WE'RE DYING! Yes, i know you know the singer. Not personally i know.. but you know the song. Live like we're dying.. like we're dying.. take chances.. live today turn it all around, and live like we're dying!! You never know what will happen, this is all we got.. la la la la la.. live like we're dying!!!!!!!!

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