Sunday, March 14, 2010


Did mine this morning. Ramai orang ikut serta eh. Nice one. Baru tah i did walkthon inda bawa bottle of water. I was thirsty eh. Nasib sampai to the end point. Senamrobik, hebat. Bukan inda hebat. Enjoy lah very much. I met old fren jua pagi. And some new frens. Amazing. Pick up my fren at 5.45am. Woke up at 4.30am, and reach Rimba at 6am.

everything starts at 6.45am, and then senamrobik almost 8am. Off jalan and reach at almost 8.30. Hehe.. lama bejalan ah. Then off send my fren home, and shower jap, then off work at 9am. Beli salad for my lunch. And then work from 10am to 2pm. And after attend function right till now.. imagine. Goyang-goyang already me.

Need to shower. Jalan jap beli pencil. Then back home to so some work. Work again tomorrow. Need to beli pencil.. need to go now.. bah sambong later.

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