Friday, March 12, 2010

Pacah Dahi!

Terjun dari tingkat dua. Pacah dahinya toh. Salah step kali. Membari ijap. I didn't melihat ia terjun, tau-tau landing di bawah and suara-suara meneriak. Kekajutan ada yang menangis meliat live bah. Tapi ia lah.. inda tau salah siapa tu. Mudahan she's okay. Sempat i go close up and look at her. Hand and kaki pucat kekajutan kali. One hand hold foreheadnya to stop the bleeding, but darah mengalir all over her face. She was saying somthing but i could't hear clear what she said. Kecian eh.. just not her luck. Nasib nya today. But a lot meliat, hope jadi lessoned learned.

On the way home, i said to myself 'pity her, just not her good day today', it could've have been anybody, or me.. but not. It was her. She must be in pain now. At the hospital. Not expecting this would be a horrific moment, an accident jumping from tingkat dua and landed wrongly. I hope and pray she is okay and attended immediately.

The children were tekajut. But yea lah.. again a lessoned learned for us. Becareful what we do. If you plan to do activiti lasak, then make sure you know the drill. Its for your own safety. I went on the 7th floor for the escape chaute, at first mengerikan cause tinggi, but after i terjun saja in it, its not that bad. Haha.. nilu eh.

Ps. if you think you can't do it, serious thoughts about it, and still can't do it, DON'T DO IT.

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