Thursday, March 4, 2010

BeCareful What you Wish for..

Old saying yeah.. i thought well ya lah.. Tapi yes becareful what you wish for its true. I did wish for something. That was a very long time ago. And yes my wishes comes true. But does it make you happy when it comes true? Well that's true. Not all makes you happy. true. You wish out of curiosity, you wish like you don't like the situation now.. but i tell you.. sometimes what you wish for without thinking and you think what you wish for will turn out to be better. Oh well.. you will not rasa unless you already rasa. How many yang rasa?

You smile at times when you think about it. When you wishing you cry because you want for the better. But sometimes when you wish, the moment yes you want it, and sometimes when your wish comes true you didn't even realized it until one day.. wow!! you will say to yourself, my wish comes true. Pun jua you got problem when your wish comes true. Oh well.. and again how many of you?

Now i sat here. I am alone. Alone feeling though ramai orang di rumah masa ani.. like i am not here. How's that? got to rasa first what i rasa.. like floating. Good bising here at least it kept me awake but still not here..

When i think what i wish for.. yes i love it that it came true. I wonder that moment when you wish, did you ever think your wish ever come true? But how to wish that i never wish for that ever? Kan..kan.. I told you. BecaREful what you wish for.. Wonder what i wish for? haha..

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