Saturday, March 13, 2010


What do i know about Fishing? I don't. But do i want to learn to FISH? Yeah.. Why not. Learn at driving range to hit golf ball. Its okay. Still need practice. FISHING? Yes.. need to learn about barangan benda to fish. And how to use the stick atu jua.. how to baling ..(haha!!) the fishing rod smoothly, so the fish inda terperanjat with what lands in water. Haha.. Yes, seriously. Ada jua teknik nya toh. So lets ask the expert. And who want to take me FISH?

Rugi eh. My late father, Al-Fatihah for my Babah Hj.Zainal Abidin Ladi, who loves to fish. My God!, he just love the sea. Love to Fish. Got two boats. One big and one yang small. And fish is just his life. I miss all that. Anyway, don't want to get emotional about fishing now.. just that teringat when i saw people fishing.

Never been on boat to fish, only watched saja dari jauh and dekat. Everybody seems to enjoy fishing.. its peaceful. But sometimes frustrating jua.. but what to be frustrated about? Because the fish did't get to your trap? haha... Fish pun tau jua. Just fish yang unfortunate saja yang sangkut..... Just kidding. Jangan mare eh. Pasal fishing mesti ada humor nya jua. Karang terlampau stress, inda enjoy fishing or talk about fishing.

Lots of times ada acara fishing. Sometimes got the info and sometimes inda jua. Would be nice when got kan.. What do you think?

I love to eat fish. So okay to fish. It can be used when you're stranded in an island, and no food. Yes minum boleh lah air kelapa, or other hutan natural sources from fruits etc. But if you feel kan makan fish? How? Nah.. here is when you will say.. Hiya! i wish i know how to fish.. Kan? Well.. its part of the survival thing in life. Bukan saja kan ke pasar membeli ikan, yah.. kemudahan memang ada, but just think when you have the skills, its a bounus kan for you. Not for others eh, but for you jua. Doesn't matter you lelaki or perempuan kan. It would be a good skill to have, its an investment for you. :)

Not that i don't know anything about FISHING, i know, but need to know from the PRO what and when to fish. Oh.. i heard that kalau cuaca panas, the fish is going to look for tempat teduh. So i saw some people fish during the hot cuaca. What's the story on that.. when they duduk at the batu-batu yang almost tengah laut, and fish. Fish barangkali under them, and not out there. How ah? Is that true?

And not only that, heard also fish do sleep. Fish don't have eyelids, so can't tutup the mata, only open mata still sleeping. Look for tempat yang gelap to sleep. That's why when we nampak fish in the aquarium, at the corner yang darker, actually fish sleeping and terkejut like swim ala tekejut mean tebangun from sleep? Pro, what do you think of that?

I know fish do drink when thirsty, but sleep? Someone got to talk to them to find out or you probably know already. Oh, one day i heard about big fish become a serial killer. That's sad. Even got history. I supposed all living things got history, but pity, if you don't understand fish, and you just create a history about it, personally. Probably you need to talk to the fish to get to know the personality, what it likes and dislikes.. haha. So it wouldn't be a serial killer if the fish knows what its doing is actually wrong. If only FISH could use its brain like us...

I found it cute but i guess that's why got specialist FISH jua kali. I am just someone who knows how to makan fish and wanting to learn about fishing jua. Wouldn't you be call as serial killer amongst the fish and its families? O..i mean fish missing MIA!

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