Saturday, March 20, 2010

at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock

Wonder you apa tu? Well bila driving, you should've known what it meant. Want to know what i did after work? Start my car, jap wondering what i should do tadi. So i make my own project, a short one until i reach home.

Let me ask you dulu, how do you hold on to your steering while driving? Okay.. me at 10 and 2. Get it? Okay.. alum get it? Its like this, i count only 7 drivers from Bandar to Lambak that hold the steerings the way i do. The rest ada yang i didn't see their hands pun.. maybe they hold steering dari bawah kali. And ada yang only right hand saja yang hold the steering and ada yang only left hand saja. And worst, ada yang only the wrist on the steering, left only, and the other hand on belakang kepala. Imagine you? Can you imagine?

I mean its not wrong driving, you can drive. But you got to have the skills jua for driving. A proper one that you learn from driving school. Did anyone forget how we took driving test? Boh.. kalau lupa better take another one.. let see if you do better this time than the last.

I took my driving test in the USA and its different. Theory almost 100% but practical i got just pass, i think almost 80%. Well 70% above is just pass. But i learned all this while from my driving experience, but i still think it would be best and safe for you to drive with both hand on the steering wheel and at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Yeah.. try it and tell me whats the difference. You can try later lah.. finish dulu baca my writings. Later you try, yeah.. let me know what you think about it.

I guess everybody drives with their own way, tapi hey.. don't you think it would be safer when both hands on steering wheel? Incase of emergency.. what emergency are you talking about? A lot! I ask a few people tadi, and they said, if you take your licence overseas, you get used to 10 and 2. But if you take it here, well.. not all follow. Betul kah tu or just attitude problem when you're on the road? Always hear people complain about other people, on how reckless drivers they are, but how about you?

Its okay when the car stops, but while driving bah.. where did you put your hands? Haha.. i really wanted to see how many people drive with their hands at steering wheel at 10 and 2. Do you ever wonder? Do you ever care? Well about time to look around what's around.

There one incident my tyre blow up. And i tell you holding with one hand while driving not safe at all. How to control? Where got time to think when you're in that moment, situation? So let us evaluate ourselves on our driving..

Facts in Brunei banyak yang accident. In one day just imagine. Why? Ada kah siok sendiri punya hal? Not all are reckless drivers but i tell you, a lot still need to learn driving safe. One thing you're already thought when you got your licence to drive, its a matter of your attitude when driving. Please deh ah...

If you're an expert, you say you were, but others think what? Tapi, puas hati tadi atu eh.. i just want to see how many really care about driving safe? Like safe life.. Ada yang siok betalipon, ada yang sibok bercerita dalam kereta, ada yang rileks berabiz driving, sampai kerusi kereta almost terbaring, tinggal ja kepala di liat rah cermin kereta, ada yang suka-suka happy happy inda sedar badan anak separoh keluar dari cermin, enjoying the air.. wow!! handal eh.. (apa yang di pikir kan tu?) Oh ada yang wrist nya saja pegang steering, bukan nya di hold, but on top of the steering, and the other hand di mana nah? Haha.. angkat tangan, whole arm, and simpan belakang kepala, menyandar-nyandar bah.. Eh.. macam-macam lagi. Oh ada lagi ... ada yang terlalu berlapis-lapis sun shades ah.. sampai inda nampak apa-apa tapi dari belakang dua kepala like bercinta.. (you know what i mean ah, inda payah lah explain in detail toh..) and then teliuk-liuk bah kereta ah. Sudah tah tempah lebuhraya 80km, ani.. adui... 40km pun inda sampai. Imagine tah you.. siapa yang patut di salahkan tu?

Anyway, my projek was only about counting how many people really hold the steering the way it should be 10 and 2.. very dissapointing only just 7 including me.. There were many cars tadi, but only 7 saja. Well.. tmoro i am going to ask people how would be the correct way to hold on to the steering while driving... Good luck to you tomorrow!!

I need to sleep. I ate my ubat already. Not feeling well... tired very tired. But i wanted to blog jua.


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