Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Appointment Pagi..

So ke hospital appointment at 8.30am. Waited until 9.30am. Alum jua ada. Its okay. I can wait but not too long. Just have to prepare for work soon. So make another appointment. A day that i don't have to work, and start check up in the morning. Baru ia. Though i waited for an hour, alum ada, i understand for a check up not jua kan begagas, i really appreciate jua the sopan santun at the counter tadi. Excellent! How i wish all have that attitude - POLITE. Haha..

I asked when would be my turn? So oops!! Alum lagi nya.. alum.. Check lagi with the doctor, masih ada patient. Just wait lagi sekajap. Don't know how sekajap. Coz' problem patient have bukan jua easy to attend, not for a short while, inda puas. Kalau i am there, i woun't be puas jua kalau check up only for a short while - begagas. Mau jua tau and jelas with what the result of the check up .. I must say, them at the counter tadi was polite. I like.. I was polite jua, that's why menjangkit. Lebih polite lagi them. Saying sorry. Left saying thank you and i will call.

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