Friday, March 19, 2010


Pagi-Petang-Malam. Lepas makan. Yang di baca rah plastic ubat. Terpaksa bangun tebangun dari tidor. Tidor-tidor ayam eh bila badan inda sehat. Siapa tau kalau inda di beritau. Kemarin punya cerita.

Cold in my room. Only T's and brief pakai tidor. Badan tak sehat. So terkajar-kajar cukup di campor dengan mimpi. I mimpi somebody hugged me, whispering something it didn't sound quite jelas. Boh.. baca saja. Jangan risau about my writing. Anyway, i beri salam, and baca Allahuakhbar..3x. And its okay. Clear. Jangan tanya face nya, all i know when i touch it, whatever it is, its sajok and nice and calm. It meaning i know its human but i didn't turn in that dream because it hugged me tight. Tight not killing, but a proper clean hugged. Can you imagine?

So i woke up, mau inda mau have to. I need to take my medicine for night time. Luckily i woke up, well andang-andang jua tidor-tidor ayam, forcing myself to bangun dalam keadaan lemah and tidak sehat. Temperature naik sikit. When i check up at the clinic, my temperature was 38 degrees something. So fever dikit.

Toasted bread 2 slice plus light spread metega and jam. Makan to isi perut to eat ubat. Must lepas meal. So i took my antibiotic, ubat selesma and ubat panas. Now grogy rasanya.. but yeah.. feel like blogging it, why not.

I felt my throat like torn. Aiseh.. torn lagi tu. Teruk tu. Tapi like luka padih-padih rasa nya the day before yesterday. Meaning today is Thursday, one sesi of ubat already makan, so Tuesday. When i work at Rentak. Runny nose, and dry throat. Balik i biar till the next morning.

Feel uncomfortable but have a good show with Ashraff at HBD, still not feeling well.. afternoon, rest but can't rest because of my fever. So zoom to Menglait petang at 5.50pm.. clinic still open. Rupanya open till 9pm.. baik jua. And Doctor gave prescribed me ubat to eat. Now throat is okay. But panas-panas saja. That probably be soon i will recover. Looking forward. :)

Kalau you not well.. if more than 24 hours, bah go see Doctor. And check up what you need to recover. And don't go near children and tempat orang ramai coz' you don't want to make people sick jua. Got it! Bah take care. I am going back to sleep.


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