Sunday, March 21, 2010


I forgot to buy Red Onion yang big one, and MUSHROOMs.. Huh!! Three types of daun already, got Goat's Cheese too, lime ada dah, and button olives. Yummy. I am going to have Salads top with Chilli Saussage. Bought it at Mabohai SupaSave. Good salads and fruits there too. Where did you get yours?

I got Fresh Orange, the big bottle, Cheese, Olives, 3 types of salads, Red Apples, Green Apples, Peaches, Bananas, em.. Bluberry Jam, Fresh Milk, 2 large Saussages. Yes.. Yummy for tomorrow lunch. Couldn't wait. Yummy...

Tonight i only have 2 slice of toasted bread, and mushroom soup. Still not well.. but i am okay. Runny nose dari hari atu eh.. and now caughing. Alhamdulillah.. i can still walk and shop!! That's a bounus.

I think i am going to sleep early. Don't have mood to do anything except to read. I wonder where all my friends gone? Are there on holidays? Or are they busy totally? Or do i even have FRIENDS?.. hahah!

I am tired.. good nyte. Cheer up you. And cheer up me. Haha. Ps. i always feel there's someone out there who read this page everyday. I am glad, though not sure. Why would anyone want to read it? Ya lah.. But if you do, hope it cheer you up. And hope you also in good health. And hope always hope..and just HOPE for whatever you wish will come true. I am done for tonight.. though i don't feel like stopping, but i got to sleep now... GOOD NIGHT!

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