Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flying Fox

Sound interesting.. This morning, yup at Bazaar Amal Bersempena Sambutan Jubli Emas, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat. Very interesting. Went to Qlap pagi to get the pressure cooker. Then off to Old Airport and at the bazaar. Wow.. you must go and try out all those activities. Em.. i tried the Flying Fox. Theh got Excape Chute from the 7th floor, Smoke House (yup.. ), Fire Vehicle Ride.. Turn Table Ladder Ride, Netball Shoot (when you think you're the super shoot, bah apa lagi), and bouncer only start tomorrow till Sunday.

Cerita tah ku, all abang-abang Bomba baik-baik belaka. Eh.. Akak-akak pun jua. Masa Flying Fox atu, kajar-kajar jua ada membayangkan dari tingkat tiga atu. But hey.. if you got the height phobia, baik tah cuba. Ani safe lagi. I like it. I yet to try the Escape Chute later later lagi from the 7th floor. And all you can try for only B$1 per ride. Siok eh. Must try all except bouncer nya. Kalau alum pernah main, its okay jua.

Off today from work. Tonite got function. I heard ada lamb. Wow!! nice. Arab food i heard jua tonite.. wow.. nice. Reminds me when i was in Dubai and Bahrain. Interesting food. I miss that too. Lain serving nya di sana atu and a lot too. YUmmy..

Very hot here in Brunei. Can swim later jua. Plan to go out Yayasan petang and then go swim. And pick up Luqman at 5pm and then function at 7pm. I think staying out till midnight. Tmro work. You also fill up your time lah ya. Don't waste sitting doing nothing. Walaupun a bit, still something. Try out new things. If you can't think of new things, sit dulu and think lah.

Sayang... beautiful day today. Must go outdoor jua. And drink plenty of water jua. Jangan inda. Iwanted to buy something later.. but later lah. But hey.. go to the Bazaar today, tomorrow, or next daynya or Sunday.

Came home jap to pick up Luqman from school. And sending him for Ugama school soon. Got to get ready now. Later..

Ps. Ada lagi yang kelip-kelip mata at bulatan Jami'e this morning. Why ah.. hahah. Is it the "flirt spot" or what.. becareful eh, roundabout toh..

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