Friday, August 24, 2007

Pelangi FM

Now probably 10.52 pm there in Brunei and i just woke up and tuning to Pelangi Fm. I tell you we should be proud of our Artists Brunei with their achievement all from the beginning to the present. When i sit here in my room , i just realized that we Bruneian have own style and i tell you i am smiling now i am so proud of the Brunei Artists. They are no different with the international artists. Amazing......Sounds and everything are as professional. Looking forward for the Anugerah Pelangi.

Dj Iiril and Mdm.Fifi on-air hah.. Well guys selamat malam and see you soon. The song Umbrella atu pun ada new artist singing it, and so many comment about it. A slower version too. To Mdm.Fifi how's things in the village? Bah.. i am going to post some pictures from the Universal Studio. Take care you two. Drive safe. its 11.14am here.

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