Saturday, August 11, 2007


its just me again

Today i was at the KCRW radio station and yes i met different crowds. Very interesting all the time. I must say a good food too. Au, this is how i look like today. Sometimes berisi muka atu, sometimes capek.... inda tau lah ah. Ikut keaadan kali... Tired nie today. Slept late and woke up early, like kul 12pm kali. So work at 3.15pm. Supposed to be there at 2.30pm but I was so late today caught in the traffic jam. I dont like to be late for work. And what can i do... he.e.e. Au, kalau kaja on-air di PELANGI914FM, abis marah ehem..ehem.. my bosses kali ah... close book kali toh. Jangan main-main toh.
Today slow lah a bit. Got 6 callers in for pledge and no angels for me. Sad but hey, at least today ada 6 hit. When i tengah dudok-dudok in my seat kan, so this one family bah, sitting infront of me. And the three of them actually been doing this every summer. Yeah, i m talking about every summer... So the guy next to me, oh.. i forgot his name said that he met them 2 years ago, there too. Amazing kan. The Captains were all very supportive today and fun.
I miss working lah and at the same time i am enjoying myself too. But be great to be back on the HOT SEAT in PELANGIFM kan. That yet to come. Salam Sayang, Salam Rindu, Salam Kasih... Take care.

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