Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So today the first time sitting in the membership drive from 2.30pm to 5.40pm. Soo cool but soo nervous too. But it was so interesting that from that room i got to witnessed a host from KCRW on-air. I was sitting there imagining when i was at work in PelangiFm. And to my surprised... yes...they mention my name on-air and dj from Brunei. So when i got the call, and yeah having a conversation with someone calling in and i ask where i am from, well i just say that i am from Brunei and that guy said you are the dj from Brunei.. and i said yes and i ask him how did he know that.. ha.a. he said we heard it on the radio... THAT WAS SO COOL... BRUNEI IN LOS ANGELES, IN SANTA MONICA IN PICO BLVD.

So about what i do... i actually sign up for the Volunteer KCRW Pledge Drive and it was a fantastic experience. A great opportunity to have when you are in this industry. I make a hit, a target knowing that i m not quite familiar with the place and the country here, i think i was doing pretty good too. I hit my target, 5 calls and i got one Angel membership and with that i also won the T-Shirt with hood which i am going to wear em' when i start working again in Pelangi. How cool is that... yes... I am loving this so much. And i must say, doing something i never done before in other country is a great challenge for me and i feel GREAT....Wow..!!!!

At first, i was nervous. I won't know what the callers going to be like. But hey, you know i must say the callers here are so super wonderful.. very helpful too. Funny the way it feels, i can't express it because it was so different and fun. I was probably worried about that, you know, like what they want, how they want it, and etc.... remarkable... oh well... i would think you would be thinking the same thing too if you were to go outside the country and to do something that you never done before and you have to be passionate about one thing apart from just visiting the country you like and just shop... you know... something for you...

Here i love to SHOP TOO... oh so many to buy but when you think again, you can buy all this things in other country too... yeah... but to have such an experience i have, i would like to share that with you, so you know there are also interesting things to do for yourself.... something i would say very different from than usual... WHY NOT...

well, tomorrow will be another day for me and again i am going to meet different people that comes from a different background. From lecturer, lawyer, clerk, director of some media corporation, designer who spend their spare time during that Pledge Drive just to have fun and doing something good for the KCRW station too. Amazing you know. During the Pledge Drive, you can eat whatever you want with all the food being provided. From appetizer to main course to desert. Coffee and etc, its just all nice foods. I must say, the first class treatment.

Oh... i have to share this one too. Who would have thought that i would meet this lady from here who planned to visit Borneo Island? Yeah... seriously.. while i was eating, someone ask me where i am from because he didn't quite got my accent. Then i told him i am from Brunei and suddenly the lady on the other table suddenly told me that she planned to visit Borneo Island and go into the jungle to see the beauty of the nature on that side of the world. Amazing... So lots of questions thrown to me, and i gave the answer to what i know. It was fun. I am going to see her again on Monday. I gave her my phone number and email add so she can mail or text me when she wants to know something about on the other side, hah...

All and all, it came up to a great day and i am smiling now because i can't imagine that i did something new.... I tell you , the people at KCRW was great! Next destination after Monday will be Disney Land and Las Vegas.

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