Sunday, August 12, 2007


I was looking for a luggage today. Well i broke mine other one when i arrive here in Los Angeles. Is not easy to look for one if you want to use em for quite a while. I love travelling, so i need to get a good quality one but at affordable price. So i found one already and may be in few days be getting em. What quality? Well, you just have to be at the airport when i arrive Brunei and see em yourself... ha.a..a...

Pink is my color today. I wore a pink flat "JS" shoes and a beautiful pink flowery tank. So hot here and i still didn't see rain. I feel like i am eating a lot here and i feel heavy. All the fats in the food, but what to do, i am on holiday rite...
me today.. 08/11/07
I bought CD today. Great one. Will play it when i got back. M trying to get some COUNTRY one here. Heard some good ones too. And some of the genre of the music here i have never heard. Seriously.. amazing. That need to share too. I got so many in mind to share with my work mate when i go back.
Now the song title is 'LOVE ME, LEAVE ME' and a very sweet song. I know you'll like em once i play it on-air. So that to come... love me, leave me... coz i already..... love me, leave me.. if you love me, leave me alone... i promise myself.... i would never.... that yeah for sure you have to wait for it to be on-air....
Oh this below is my souvenir i got from that MAGIC CASTLE. Cute?

I don't my Pledge Drive @KCRW today. Saturday night, just feel like hanging out there. If my frens are here, dah kami booking a place in downtown Los Angeles and begadang.. he..e... But anyway, will update with some more interesting thing kali next.

One thing i need to do is to post some wedding pictures of my cousin and sister in-law sister's wedding pic to post here. Yeah the one i took. But ya lah, Zura style ja toh. Have a Great Day y'all. Be happy and don't forget to SMILE... Smile for you and for the people around you and for me too!!!!

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