Monday, August 20, 2007


Sunday is always a good day. Everyday is a good day. Its how we see it that makes it good or bad. Up to you. Today early in the morning i went swimming. Just had water and apple for breakfast. Spend half a day at the pool with my son. He's enjoyed it so much. Its not really difficult to look after him. He entertain himself such as playing games ,watched TV (mind you he learn his English from that too) and i am grateful that i have him. Oh, he doesn't like shopping. Are all men like that?
Anyway, at the pool today i swim a few lapse, well just a small pool. And that make me feel good. If ever i have a house, i would love to have a swimming pool because that's one of a good way of exercising. Although, many said that if you have a swimming pool, you only use it for a while. And looking after a swimming pool is hard. Well, it's again really up to you. If every thing's hard, then, you are the one who just makes it hard.

Have my nap, went out to buy chicken at KFC. Love the biscuits so much. Right now, just resting and thinking what to do in the next few days to come. In the meantime, i am going to edit my pictures i have taken and post it in the blog. Aduh.. i am still editing the wedding pictures. Ah.. this is one of my hobby. Oh went to CVS too, i found a "Blendy Pens". What is it? Oh my son have been bothering me with this pen ever since he saw it on TV. Pretty neat i must say. Children loves this one. I tell you, its 12 Blendy Pens, makes 100's of CRAZY color blends. It includes 12 Blendy Pens. 6 Fusion Chambers. 8 Surprise Art Pictures. 25+ Surprise Art Stickers. Very nice. And i found it at CVS. He is really happy about it and he said, mommy find it, thank God... ha.ha.. Just to see your kid happy, makes you happy too. Its really hot and sunny here in California. Very nice to be at the pool ryte now.

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