Monday, August 13, 2007

Breast Signs

If you notice any of theses symptoms, bring them to your gyno's attention ASAP.

  • A LUMP IN ONE BREAST. A mass that is smooth and move able under the skin is likely to be a fluid-filled cyst. It it feels solid, its probably a fibroadenoma, a benign growth. However, either also could be a sign of cancer, so have to looked at.
  • A SORE ON YOU NIPPLE. A bug bite-like sore, scabby bump, or rash on the nipple itself that doesn't go away after a few weeks may signal Paget's disease, a form of breast cancer.
  • PUCKERED SKIN ON ONE BREAST. If he flesh on your breast becomes pitted or dimpled like an orange peel, it may indicate inflammatory breast cancer, a type of cancer that blocks the lymph nodes.
  • A MARK OR MOLE THAT HAS CHANGED COLOR OR SHAPE. Though skin cancer most commonly arises on a woman's legs, the upper chest is also a prime target. Watch for the ABCDs: The mark is Asymmetrical or has an irregular Border, different Colors, or a Diameter wider than a pencil eraser.

Know your body. - Cosmopolitan August 2007.

SOURCE: Suzanne Trupin, MD, Clinical Professor Of OB-GYN at the University Of Illinois at URBANA-CHAMPAIGN College Of Medicine.

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