Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I really don't know what happen when you are confused. Do we all have the same reaction when we are confused? I wonder. I have been staying in my room for the whole two days now and in the state of confusion. Confused about what? Well, i don't usually talk much about something like this. But for the past two days i am really confused. And to react like that would shock someone close to me. I never want to feel this way, being confused. You see now a lot of confused word because i am confused.

I ask myself how do i look like when i am in a state of confusion. Do i even want to talk to someone when i m totally confused? This is how i am when i am confused. I don't want to talk, to see people. Weird. But that's the way i handle things when i am confused. To me, confused means that i have so many things in my mind at the same time. In a way, i would say everything.

So, do we handle confusion the same way? I wonder still why do we have to be confused? Getting away from everything now is good. When you just feel the negative vibes coming your way, well its best to make a wise move. You either go away for a while or you can choose to be there where the negative vibes heading and be miserable forever.

Different people have different way in living their life. I know that. But why do you want to be miserable? Yet you can be happy? I see my life as my own. I don't know about you. I will make whatever decision my own and probably ask for someones opinion. But that opinion would not change how i see things because i have my own to live my life for the rest of my life.

I don't have best friends. Yes sad isn't it. But that's the truth. My best friend is my mother. When you are younger, maybe you have one or more that one best friends. But now i must say my mother is my best friend. I can never trust what other say. I used to trust one best friend i have so much until one day she betrayed me. I don't know why? And until now i don't have any idea why. But to me if it meant to be, well i have to accept. When i know my best friend betrayed me, she is no longer my best friend.

Sometimes how you wish you can trust your friends. But you have to see who they are too? OK, think about it on how it affect your life. The people around you. When i fell something fishy at the early state, i would probably back off. If you have a best friend that you think your best friend but not to others and makes your life miserable, and all the people close to you away from you for whatever reason, would you want to think it over what happened? Is that the type of friends you want to be with you? or what?

And this can confused you rite? For me, how i see things now, best friends can be your worst enemies. Yes, and there are reasons why i say that. But don't quote my word. There are best friends who are a real best friends. And that best friends are the one that would make you happy and not to control your life. Not to take over your life to be like his or hers, in whatever way that is. Best friends are there for you in trouble and during the happy times. And best friends wouldn't want to confused you when you want their opinion. Best friends will give the best advice and opinion in every way just to make you happy and feel good about yourself and not to ruin your life. I can say so many words of BEST FRIENDS and there are all nice of words you can imagine.

But if you have an EVIL BEST FRIENDS, you world will full of hatred to others and you will be as evil as your best friends are. People who praise you all the time is not as sincere as they said. Once is enough to tell a person. Actions speaks louder than words.

Hey how come i talk about best friends hah? I was talking about confusion. Probably this has got a 99% effect on the best friends topic. But anyway, i just like to be away from the negative vibes and its not healthy. I don't like to pretend if i am not happy about it. I rather just go away and not create the 100% negative vibes into me. I don't want it to blend with me and its not in my dictionary.
Oh Please... I hope you would understand what i meant. No hard feelings to anyone who have a best friends and this is only all about me. I don't sound that vain do i?....

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