Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My Monday was at the pool the whole noon. I m fried. Ha..ha... seriously from the 12 noon up to 8pm. That what i call relaxing. Well it is a holiday. So why not. Today is another interesting day. And tomorrow will be another different experience. I am loving it. So, its so rugi kan to let the day pass catu saja.
Oh there in the picture me lah tu... Can't see me tapi you can see part of me and the small black dot in the pool ryte at the end atu, my son. Yeah.. it was hot yesterday. Today is Tuesday. and i am doing and settling a few important things and hope things goes well. Sometimes in this world, its like that. But never give up. You live before, and you will live even more.
Made a few calls today and that goes well. Got some good information and well, what do you know... I am going to get my coffee at the Coffee Bean in a bit. That would be Ice Blended Mocha with Cream....
I miss Ambuyat di Aminah Arif. Laksa di Q.lap, Soto di Soto Bunut in Q.lap, snails in Escapade di Gadong, Curry Kepala Ikan di KJ Restaurant di Gadong, Curry Kepala Ikan di ......& Iskandar Restaurant di Lambak. Oh ABC di pantai Serasa, Sotong Tutok and Sotong Basah di Muara, Soto rah babu di Serasa and huhu... banyak lagi eh... adoi... banyak kan di makan nie balik ani.. no need to masak for whole week...
Nothing much i do yesterday apart from making some phone calls in the morning, lay out at the pool and slept early too... but again woke up at 9am... Oh there's something i would like to share from the Prevention mag. Here it is:-
Brains scans now prove that as we age, we become increasingly optimistic . When shown a series of unpleasant and cheerful images, people over the age of 55 paid equal attention to both, while adults under age 25 focused more intently on gloomier shots.
Being alert to negative information when we're young may help us survive. But as years go on, and you make it through life's hardships, you gain the freedom to relax, expect good things, and fret less about bad ones - AM
So, i just wonder.... Have a great day and don't froget to Smile. Please i know the different between a fake and a real sincere SMILE... Cheer Up...

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