Friday, August 31, 2007

Koboy parking Lot?

Ok lah. I pun baru balik ke Brunei. Rindu nak jalan-jalan ke Bandar Brunei. So bila i jalan-jalan, i pun rasa nak jalan kaki so i cari parking. So, ini lah cerita nya. I pun tak tahu sapa yang makes the rules. You tell me ya.

I drive ke bandar tadi afternoon petang, like that lah. So i pun try nak park di kawasan Post Office kita kan. And bila i sampai ke situ, tutup. Ok tak pa, thinking that i can park my car at the next parking lot dekat Jabatan Perkhidmatan Elektrik. So bila i sampai there, i found this red cone in the way before masok dekat gate tu. So i pun get out of the car and i saw this guy came out from the booth and i asked him lah. I said, are you closed? Then dia jawab 'ya'.

Tapi i nampak the signboard - operation hours 7am to 6pm, i asked him again, why? Mind you there were a lot of space there too for cars to park. I wouldnt ask if i didnt see the sign there. And the time i was there was at 3.26pm. And you know what he said to me? First he opened the door of that booth (ada orang dalam lah which i didnt see , irresponsible of course not to tell me because that person was actually on duty, that is rude) then, he ask the person inside the booth, then with his face.. i mean yes with his upset face, he told me that that person inside the booth is about to leave. So garang. Like punya power boleh buat apa... Go where?

He then pointed to the other parking space on the other side of the road. So now i ask, Metro Parking Management, macamana ni? You operate sampai 3.26pm ke atau 6pm? Kalau u operate sampai 6pm, apasal koboi sana tu boleh suka-suka cakap 3.26pm sudah tutup? who is actually making the rules there? I, like some others, wouldnt mind to pay for parking, but what kind of service do you have, if you said on the signbord says operational hours at 7am to 6pm and inbetween those hours you are closed? So who makes the rules? Very inconvenient for kita kita.
In my humble opinion, it is very inconvenient. Some people actually tak mau bayar for parking sekejap saja, but some dont mind and that be like me. Please lah..

So, i went jalan-jalan after i parked my car the otherside of the road. Hey you what? I saw this big Post Office (i am talking about the main one... thank you chachak for chut..chutt...) where i parked my car kan, and i said to myself, i must check this place out. Yeah... I bought a 99sen stamp and its a Royal Wedding stamps. BEAUTIFUL...

The main post office selling it in a set of three for B$1.98. I love it. Its good for stamp's collector. I used to collect stamps from all over. But not anymore. Move about so much, until i dont have my collections anymore. I dont know where it is now. I wish i have it. But anyway, you must go to the main office and get one for yourself to keep. Very-very nice you know. Must have in you collection punya.

Oh well, that's the story for today. I yet to post some pictures i took at the Universal Studio...he.e.e.. Have a Great Day Y'all.

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