Saturday, September 1, 2007

Story at the Universal Studio

Took this picture at the Universal Studio. The Backstage of where the movie was made. Very interesting. Even during the tour, there were actually people tengah shooting the new movie.. and we have to stop a while to keep the noise down. Because kan, if movie or drama tengah shoot, the mic is very sensitive and can hear almost everything. So Silent please..(Take 10)... I should say everywhere in the world if you have a chance to visit to these kind of place. Yeah.. like in Singapore during the MOU Drama TV Brunei and Singapore, that was quite a long time ago that i got a chance to visit this kind of place. Amazing. You get to appreciate it more you know when you know and have an idea how they did it. Again "Amazing"...

My visit there was such an experience for me and i am glad i got to see it. Didn't actually plan you know, its kind of the go-on-the-dot thing....ha.a... i like to say that. Sorry ah if my English or my grammar not to your standard, but at least it got spice ah in the story I've been writing and sharing here in my blog. So, about the clothing, please lah don't read me by my baju.. Look at yourself jua ah when you read this blog... No hard feeling... just being me..

So anyway, this picture below taken where the "Shark" thing movie lah... When you get to sit on the bus atu, well, its fun tapi you do not know what to expect unless you go there every summer or every season. So, like me, its my first time. So i wasn't sure which side would be the best to sit coz' i love to take picture inda beranti. So you know what, my side where i sat atu, inda puas ku meliat.... i must say... i was on the right side and well, i guess some places that we visit was also on the left...FRUST KU EH... but its ok.. Again, Universal Studio very big ani bah, and i think a day not enuf. You pay once and you can use anything in there. Except for the games saja you have to pay. Like when i play the water shooter, one game cost US$5.00. So i got my Baby Shrek.. not bad. But i have to pay twice and twice i won and i change the mini Baby Shrek to that medium size Baby Shrek. Ha..ah... My son Luqman play the basketball game, but so hard kali ah. Some game that i haven't been in yet, i plan to go and visit again.

Now that I'm back, uh.. jet legged... Be back with more from Universal Studio with - House of Horror ... (yes i took some hantu pictures)..

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