Saturday, September 29, 2007

Errands yesterday 28.09.07

Was at work. I be working for this week in a row without break except for a day saja. Wow… kering air-liur. Especially kalau pakai braces and talk inda beranti..…
Today was a bit quiet at work. As in too many segment on-air and too little time to really do much talking. Only 20% of talk saja and 80% music. Oh my fren did his Friday prayer, and bila nya siap, selipar nya hilang. He called Amy to send selipar ke mesjid, but then Amy about to work. I told Amy that i send the selipar to him after work. Can you imagine, di mesjid pun ada orang heart to curi selipar. Oh well.... sad but true.

After work, went to kedai Steven, just to browse for new dvds. Went out last night for a movie ‘chuck & Larry’. Hilarious eh. I laugh and the people in the theatre laugh too. Language they use masa belakon very funny. Just plain funny. I enjoyed it so much. I haven’t been laughing that much since the last movie I saw ‘hot fuzz’, ‘white chicks’ and a few more I cant recall. But I just enjoyed it. I am looking forward for that ‘stone cold’ movie. That should be very good. I’ve seen the preview when I was watching a couple of movies in California at Westfield Mall.

Sungkai at Escapade, windy lah and it rain pretty hard for a while. Then I walked to the Mall. Oh I was with my sis-in-law. And just too many people today everywhere. But I enjoyed it. Nowadays, I practiced myself to park my car very very far and to walk to the place where I want to go. Very nice you know. You should try it. Why not.

My sis-in-law wanted to do eye-brow trimming. So we went to the ‘specialists’… I call my Jenny the ‘specialist’ for the eye-brow trimming. And then off to Hair Rock to cut her hair. I ask my Jenny ‘would she cut my hair short?’ and she wouldn’t dare. I said ok. then at Hair Rock I asked the same question to Lihan, and Lihan said well.. ‘why’? I let you figure out why they both rejected to cut my ‘beautiful curly (original toh) hair’, that’s what they said though….

I grab the opportunity to snap some picture while Lihan in action. I must say Lihan is so professional in cutting hair and Lihan knows what customer wants. Amazing, the timing was short, sharp on the dot. I am still thinking of cutting my hair short. My sis-in-law if my hair were short, it would be the d-most raya for me… ha.ha.ah… I don’t like the sound of it. So I pass dulu ya.

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